Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cabin Fervor

                               CARMINE'S ARIA by CMan

The four old friends had spent the entire evening & late into the night reminiscing about old times ! And of course, being guys, the talk had eventually turned to their current Sex Lives ! Nearly all agreed that while they were far from Viagra-dependent, they none of them were  as frisky as they'd been back in high school 20 years earlier ! All, that is, except Carmine !
"My cock," he boasted, " Still gets just as hard & fucks just as long as it did when I was 18 !"
The other guys laughed ! "BULLSHIT !" they chimed in unison !
Carmine shook his head. Could it be ? Had they forgotten in a mere 20 years that one should never doubt nor dare Carmine Bizzet of Yonkers, NY ?!
Carmine lept up, jerked opened his fire engine red longjohns & hauled out that which was once, from beneath the bleachers during a Homecoming Game, loudly & most inopportunely proclaimed "The Biggest Dick of the Class of '92 !"
Carmine cleared his throat. " FOOLS ! Focus your eyes & prick up your ears, as I sing myself to a No-hands Orgasmic Crescendo !" Then with perfect intonation, phrasing & pitch, he sang the entire "Toreador Song" from Bizet's CARMEN ! And at the final "...L'Amour ! L'Amour ! L'Amour ! Toreador ! Toreador ! Toreador !", Carmine burst forth with an Opus of Seminal Fluid, at which point his chastened friends burst into spontaneously uproarious applause !
"Boy Howdy ! I'd forgotten how well you could sing !", said one !
"And I'd forgotten how far up into the rafters you project !", said another !
Then, added the last, " And I'd forgotten just how thick, sweet & gushy a fuck pole you have, too, you fucker !"
    And with that, the Curtain Came Up !

                                         THE END

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