Saturday, April 25, 2009


Another Hot Dude & Supporter !...

Check out the real thing by clicking the link !

Aimer le Porno Francais de Routier

French trucker porn from the the the early 80's. I'd looked for the original movie for years, but
just recently learned that it was a magazine pictorial only. Shame !

HotSir !

One of my biggest supporters & one of the Sexiest, too !

On Target Men

This is 1. Josh Kincaid, 2. Rod Mitchell & 3. Rod & Josh together. They're featured on a Bullet 8 DVD I recieved yesterday. The original film, which features them in a 3-way with mustachiod stud George Broadway, I first saw on an 8mm projector nearly 30 years old. I think you'll agree that these guys are Fucking Hot !!!...

So, will someone explain to me why exactly these guys are considered old hat ?!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mind Thumb'n

Never has thumb-sucking seem so fucking Erotic !!
I was so busy preparing for the ToF Fair last month I fell behind on
my monthly comic contribution to

( w/ Eric York )

Sure hope Tim & Scott understand !


" Hoping to have my website up & running soon. It's primarily caricatures of Celebrities, studs from BigMuscle , Porn Stars like Carlo Cox & Chase Hunter & my own original characters like fuck buddies Wydie Smrcina & Q-Bubba McClintock !...

Cross fingers, everyone , that the launch date will soon be here !