Saturday, September 19, 2009

Country Fuckers

Somethin' 'bout Rednecks , Cocks & Fucking just sets my Pen & Imagination off !...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

DEREK STEEL : A Return...?

Rumour has it that the One & Only , Primo Muscle Dad DEREK STEEL will be returning to the XXX Industry ! HUZZAH !!!

I've been a Huge Fan of Derek's ever since I first saw his Twin , Boulder-sized Pectorals and the rest of his Massive Physique & Appendages !!
He had an all too brief porn career culminating in the Big Blue Production Classic MUSCLEMEN MOVING COMPANY in which Derek delivers an Impressive & Hard Pounding-ly Thorough Power Fuck to Jim Slade's Luscious, dare I say it , Buns of STEEL !! ;-)
Not many details, so far, as to the what / when & where of Derek's 'return' , but as details emerge, trust me, I'll pass 'em on to ya !
Meanwhile, if you'd like to drop Derek a line , his contact info is...

Also, click the title above to go to Derek's webpage
which, cross fingers, should be up & running soon !

" Derek, we've missed ya, buddy ! Welcome Back !!"