Saturday, July 25, 2009


I just never get tired of drawing this guy !

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Todd Spears: ESCORT

And one of the Hottest,Mammoth Hung Escorts you're likely to find anywhere !
I fuckin' LOVE that 70's Porn 'Stach ! Suh-WEET !!

...No, I've neither met nor hired him, but ain't sayin' I wouldn't !!
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Monday, July 20, 2009

REC'D !!!

Since January of this year I've been working in a print shop warehouse. The first blue collar position I've ever held . Four months ago, within weeks of each other, two things happened. The plant got a new Warehouse Manager & I was transfered to the Shipping/Recieving Dept. Let me be clear ! The confluence of those two events, the fact that the new supe reminds me HEAVILY of the Great Love-of-my-Life & that our UPS guy is a Smoking Hot ,Mid-Thirties, Deep Tanned, Gray-haired STUD has NOTHING to do with this drawing, which I felt in-explicably compelled to do over the w/e ! Nor are any of the characters drawn meant to represent any persons living or dead !

...Course, I had to put off a few commissions to do it. Perhaps they can use it in the next Gay Trucker's Classified . UPS drivers are truckers; right ?!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

HOM : Erik Sengaard !

Listen, I like all types of men , but I must admit to a particular fondness for the Mature Male ! Thanks to sites like Older4me ,& especially , there's a Huge & Diverse Cornucopia of Gay/Grey Beefcake for me & my fellow DILF Fans to Peruse, Ponder & Pop-One-Off Over !
Erik here is one of the Latest & Hottest additions to the HotOlderMale Stable . And to get a Live-Action Load of this Stallion's horseflesh, just click on the link below !!...

Best keep that cum rag handy !!!

SCOTT, King of

I have hundreds of friends on the MySpace social network. This fellows page is among the Best ! His latest photos ( Not to in any way short-change the others on his page, which are also Fantastic ! ),recently posted literally STOPPED me in my tracks yesterday !
There was nothing for it, but for me to sit myself down & try'n capture their Brilliance via this caricature. Below you'll find links to Scott's MySpace page, as well as to the photogragher responsible for these Excellent Pics !