Monday, February 21, 2011


I was fortunate enough to obtain these Excellent Robin Walden pieces from the Great Man & Artist Himself, several years ago. I had sent him a fan letter, along with a magnet made from a cartoon I'd drawn. I don't think he'd mind my sharing these images or his very kind & supportive letter with you all ! ...

Walden is an Exceptional & Talented Creator of Gay Male Erotica ! His works have appeared in Handjobs & RFD magazines for several years ! I only wish there were a purchasable collection of his Wonderful Artworks !!...

Oh, yes. Below is the magnet I gave him that prompted Robin's largesse !!

So, as you can see, I definitely got the better of the deal !
" Robin Walden, THANK YOU, Man !!" :-)

SJrockman BMB#87763

BMB's SJrockman: Such a Sexy, Classy, Handsome Older Man & One of my All-Time FAVORITES EVER to Draw !


& the 'Family Friendly' Edit !