Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Bugger Dudes ( They're In Your Rear & Ev'rywhere !...)

"When Courage finds himself trapped in a sticky, frothy mixture, ( Waste dumped from HooDoo's Hatamaran on a flyover back to Lidsville ! ) , his buddies, Harmony & I.Q., wing in, fully prepared, to save the day ! 'Courage, me little darlin' !', says Harmony,'You're about to join the Mile High Club !' "

...Okay ! Okay ! So, I made that up ! But if you're of a certain age & Gay, like me, then you watched The Bugaloos & surely must have had similar prepubescent fantasies about I.Q. ( John McIndoe ), Harmony ( Wayne Laryea ) & Courage ( John Pilpott ). Oh, I loved Joy, Benita Bizarre, Sparky & all the rest,  but it was the three hot male leads , particularly McIndoe in those tight striped slacks ( SWOOOON !! ), who made me wanna grow up & spread 'wings' of my own !

"Are You Experimenting ?"

 Hot Monkee Love at Jimi's Joint:
Every since I learned that Jimi Hendrix had briefly been an opening act for the MONKEES, I've spun the most super-heated mental fantasies involving him & my two favorite Monk' Men, Peter Tork & Mike Nesmith ! This is the first I've committed to paint & paper. Evidently, I'm not the only one who gets off on the thought of  Peter & Mike together, either, as there is quite a bit of Torksmith Slash regarding them , plus the other MONKEES, as well ! There's also a great TUMBLR ! Enjoy !