Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pool Party 2001

At one of the great pool parties thrown by Will Clark, standing next to the Magnificent Damian Ford !

Check out this Cruise Patrol clip on X-tube !

Cockhead 2

On set , as an observer, of a Tom Moore video shoot. The director was the late Joe Romero. Something 'bout balls on my head,I dunno, feels right...

Blacktop & Tailgates

For those guys who say I never draw fuckin' ...

Friday, May 1, 2009


" Ready , Willing & Physically ENDOWED for Porn...Soooo ... START CASTING HIM !!!"


And to think, originally I was against opening a cafe inside the bookstore....

Where to put it when you're Cowboy UP !!!

One of those instances where the tongue can be used as a lasso !...or a brandin' iron !

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Zealand He-Man !

The Brick Solid Steve un-censored & as he appears on my MySpace page...

... See the real thing for comparison !

Sactoswine & Tx Rancher CMan'd

Two old friends I've CMan'd, artistically.
Randy, now a successful rancher in Gun Barrel , Texas & Mark, a.k.a. Sactoswine, who should be doing Porn, dammit !!


Yours Truly beneath the dicks of Tony De Angelo & Cam Cruise. And, no, semen does NOT straighten hair !

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rob, the DFWMuslStud 2

Rob just never stops being SEX-alicious !!

Two Men In A Tub

Drew this a week before the Incident, but had put off finishing it. But, by now, I think enough time has passed to avoid any accusation of in-sensitivity .

Quarter's Got Back

I can't say if Troy is or if he ain't, though I've heard the rumours. But don't he grip the football like a Pro ?

3rd Leg Of 'LAMB'

Another Rocker who brings the THUMP ! Randy Blythe of LAMB OF GOD !

" Here we cum"...

The Beatles may have played their own instruments & wrote their own songs, but these guys ROCKED my Fantasies back in the Late Sixties !

Monday, April 27, 2009

BgM: Tennessee Stud

I'm an un-known artist, who can barely afford his paints,

let alone hire models !...Thank Gawd for Big Muscle !!

Check out this stud's profile & judge for yourself if I nailed it !

The likeness, I mean ...

Mudflap USA

From the moment I read Brokeback Mountain I loved it, but like a lot of people, it bothered me that Jack & Ennis didn't achieve a happy ending .
I'd had a coupl'a characters I'd been doodlin' separately for several years, K.C. Hollins a retired rodeo clown & EuEarl Bedfords a former truck driver, but I had no definite story in mind. It was maybe the millionth re-reading of BBM in 2004 that I hit on the idea of bringing the two characters together & have 'em fall in love. And DESPITE the obstacles they face, they manage, Insist in fact,on their Life Together !
Hence, was MUDFLAP USA born....

Good Ride , Cowboy

The Late Great Chris Ledoux !

Had this 'toon published in COUNTRY WEKLY Magazine shortly after Mr. Ledoux's passing in 2005. Saw him in concert several times & met him face-to-face once at a music store in Denton.Didn't get a photo with him, but, in true I LOVE LUCY fashion, I managed to get an autograph !


Just fucking LOVE these two images. Although the two men pictured are separated by 20 to 25 years, they, along with a certain rodeo cowboy, sparked an Alternative Reality in my mind, which will become clearer later...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Director Chris Steele

Chris Steele ( R ) with BF Marcus at the 2008 Folsom Street Fair. My good friend & long-time Object of my Fantasies !! ;-)

Rob, The DFWMuslStud

Two CManArt interpretations of Rob, the DFWMuslStud !

Hector & Dicky

Meet Hector Wynsum & Dicky Wilson, two sailors who, meeting in the early 50's , begin engaging in a little pre-Stonewall Liberation...privately.