Monday, July 20, 2009

REC'D !!!

Since January of this year I've been working in a print shop warehouse. The first blue collar position I've ever held . Four months ago, within weeks of each other, two things happened. The plant got a new Warehouse Manager & I was transfered to the Shipping/Recieving Dept. Let me be clear ! The confluence of those two events, the fact that the new supe reminds me HEAVILY of the Great Love-of-my-Life & that our UPS guy is a Smoking Hot ,Mid-Thirties, Deep Tanned, Gray-haired STUD has NOTHING to do with this drawing, which I felt in-explicably compelled to do over the w/e ! Nor are any of the characters drawn meant to represent any persons living or dead !

...Course, I had to put off a few commissions to do it. Perhaps they can use it in the next Gay Trucker's Classified . UPS drivers are truckers; right ?!!

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