Sunday, September 13, 2009

DEREK STEEL : A Return...?

Rumour has it that the One & Only , Primo Muscle Dad DEREK STEEL will be returning to the XXX Industry ! HUZZAH !!!

I've been a Huge Fan of Derek's ever since I first saw his Twin , Boulder-sized Pectorals and the rest of his Massive Physique & Appendages !!
He had an all too brief porn career culminating in the Big Blue Production Classic MUSCLEMEN MOVING COMPANY in which Derek delivers an Impressive & Hard Pounding-ly Thorough Power Fuck to Jim Slade's Luscious, dare I say it , Buns of STEEL !! ;-)
Not many details, so far, as to the what / when & where of Derek's 'return' , but as details emerge, trust me, I'll pass 'em on to ya !
Meanwhile, if you'd like to drop Derek a line , his contact info is...

Also, click the title above to go to Derek's webpage
which, cross fingers, should be up & running soon !

" Derek, we've missed ya, buddy ! Welcome Back !!"


  1. Derek is fantastic indeed. I too use him in my artwork. What a muscle daddy supper star!

  2. You Speak Truth, MSSF ! Thanks !

  3. I like this man!

  4. Wish Derek would come out of retirement or something else. Have posted in MuscleService 'where o'where'.

  5. Derek is barely making ends meet as personal trainer in Ft Lauderdale and fishing for sugar daddy on