Monday, May 17, 2010

UN-seQUESTered !

Jonny experiences his first mis-adventure !!


  1. Hell yesss this is AWESOME!!! I have a strange love for this show (discovered via 'Harvey Birdman' hence this kind of homo-relations seems canon to me). I'm actually in the middle of drawing a Race/Benton pic of my own at the moment but it's always lovely to see other takes on this couple, especially one as delicious and sexy as yours. Both characters look very studly here, Benton especially (love all that body hair!). What's more, his 'tough-love' attitude towards Jonny rings surprisingly true to his character in the series! Great stuff!

    PS - remind me what your art technique is again? Is this a painting???

  2. Appreciate your comments, Kid Nova ! I use Van Gogh Watercolors on standard art paper . I'm very much looking forward to your interpretation of Race & Benton ! This pic's gotten a bit of comment on my Facebook page!
    ( A 'censored' version, of course ! ;-) Apparently, mine wasn't the only pre-teen Gaydar , back in the 60's, Set Off by the Homo-erotic sub-texts in the Bannon/Quest Relationship !! LOL !