Saturday, April 30, 2011

BRIAN'S CIRCL': The Deep End

Brian Byers-Wilcox is a character I started drawing waaaaay back in 1976 ! Brian is a gay, rich, somewhat naive teenager coming of age alone on his family's estate,( His parents & older sister were overseas for reasons I never adequately explained. Sort'a like Cathy Lane's father on The PATTY DUKE SHOW ! ) with only his best friend Bjorn, a Swedish exchange student , and Buc Morvan, his family's chauffeur/grounds-keeper & Brian's 'chaperone' until his parents return, for company. Suffice to say, Brian's well-meaning parents didn't necessarily make the best choice as chaperone, or so it seemed, in the beginning !....


  1. Would like to read more about Brian and his skilled driver/Buc.

  2. Searching through the archives this weekend, psguy, so we'll see ! Thanks, buddy !! ;-)