Friday, October 28, 2011

New-cummer Alex Cox

One of the latest new discoveries on SUITE 703 is soon-to-be megastar Alex Cox ! His introductory scene with Porn Superstar/DJ Tristan Jaxx is mind numbingly, cock hardening ! Cox is a bottom who clearly enjoys, in fact insists on, getting fucked & practically directs Jaxx throughout their scene ! You can view the entire hot clip on Xvideo ! Also, there's a plethora of great stills on Way Big !
Cox is such a tall, tanned, athletically fit, slice o' Heaven, with PECS Galore !
Definitely worthy of CMan-ization & more !

"Sometimes, inappropriate fun is the MOST FUN!..."
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  1. You're right, this is a fucking hot scene. I'm disappointed that I can't find Alex Cox anywhere else, but that's because he's new. I CANNOT WAIT to see more of him.

  2. so hot I like the way he plays he's a funy kind of guy. would like to see more of him the best looking hunk I have seen.

  3. alex cox es guapo y de pompas calientes le gusta el tolete en la boca y hace de hembra. le encanta tenerlo adentro.

    1. Hace de hembra ???
      Qué clase de comentario absurdo es ese ???