Monday, January 11, 2010

Gay Midgets ?

I drew this for my MUDFLAP strip, but I'm posting it here because, well, why is there no Gay Midget Porn ? More specifically, why are there no Gay Midgets ? Statistically,there ought to be some ! I mean, at least 10% of the Population of Little People should be Gay; right ? So where are they ?
I'm not making a joke or indulging a fetish here. There must be a community of Gay Little People out there & that being so, they ought to be welcomed into our broader Gay Tent !
So, guy's , if you're out there, CManArt says, " C'mon in ,fellas ! It's high time you took your seats !"

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  1. JJ Adams posted showed recognition this on his website today - RichB in PS found this and had to share this with you.