Monday, June 20, 2011

"It Takes A Retirement Village"

Hudson Carswell had been caught by surprise once already today ! Earlier, when his 19 year old son Nash had asked to come along on Hudson's weekly visit to his 92 year old Grandfather at Rambling Acres Rest Home."He's done with the book I lent him", Nash had said. But the bigger shock, of course, had been walking in on his aged elder & finding him tunneling face first, almost up to the neck, within the mounds of part time facility staff member Raul's butt cheeks !! Hudson hadn't known what to say or what to do ! His Brain had simply defaulted to FREEZE mode ! His son Nash, on the other hand, had dropped trou', hitched up his shirt, then bent over the foot of his great-grandfather's bed, as if it were the most natural thing to do in the world ! He picked up a book lying near the edge of the bed. "You like it, grampa ? ", he smirked, as he began to flipped through the pages ! His grampa smiled. "Enough to get started on an outsider !"
Raul seemed as perplexed as Hudson, at first & had begun to pull up his nursing scrubs, but sensing... something ... had thought better of it .
Hudson felt he really ought to insist on an explanation, but couldn't seem to find his tongue, leading to his third surprise, for clearly his tongue was in his mouth, swelling & salivating at the sight of the two exposed bum- holes before him ! One of them his own son's ! And dangling below that were Nash's cum inflated balls & his thick , almost crescent curved, cock ! Suddenly Hudson felt his granddad's fingers against his shoulder, pushing him forward, albeit with a force of pressure that was near non-existent. For though his nonagenerian relative had seemed quite capable of lifting Raul off his feet with his tongue only moments earlier, the elder Carswell was neither young nor strong. So why, Hudson wondered, was he finding it nearly, completely impossible... to resist his bony fingered proddings ? Why, too, were his knees slowly buckling without any such command having emanated from his cerebral cortex ?!
In a faint tadpole of a voice, Hudson croaked out,"Gra...Granddad...". He swallowed, then continued, "What is all this ?"
Grandfather Carswell patted him comfortingly on the back. "You're introduction to Assisted Living , Hud !"
Raul, any lingering questions now answered, released his hold on his scrubs & resumed his prior position.
Nash, propping his head up on one arm, glanced back over his shoulder & quipped, " So, who's walker do I hav'ta polish to get my ass eaten around here ?!"

"Sometimes, inappropriate fun is the MOST FUN!"
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